Real Vs. Fake Majors


As mentioned in class, this idea of “Real vs. Fake Majors” is a conversation that I connect to easily and feel very passionate about. Due to the nature of my major, Elementary Education, I have dealt with criticisms and gentle judgments for nearly my entire college career. Things such as “Oh, come on. During syllabus week, your assignment is seriously to decorate a name tag?!” or, with regards to complaining of how tired I was during my first day of my first student teaching experience, I received a “Wow, how hard is it to read and play with kids at recess all day?” I firmly believe that if you are comfortable with the field that you plan on going into, that is all you need when considering yourself a member of a “real major”. I for one know that I am in the right field for myself and I thoroughly enjoy being a member of a classroom in the elementary setting. While different majors may require various means of evaluating progress, (papers in Elementary Education, experiments in Science Fields, oral presentations in Criminal Justice), it all prepares you for what it is you are aiming to do upon graduation. Instead of people constantly comparing across majors, I think that people need to learn to accept the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and educational path. Everyone’s major is of value to different people in different ways and diversity is the most important thing in my opinion.


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