“Evoke my passion with your words, for tomorrow I shall Think.”

All three rhetorical settings (Deliberative, Epideictic, and Forensic) are pertinent to the infrastructure of public speaking, yet I’m in love with Epideictic’s goal, which is to prompt the audience to think, reflect, or embrace a new idea. I have heard from great speakers and great noise makers. The great speakers I have heard from speak from the grounds of Epdeictic oratory. Such is the late Dr. Myles Munroe, whose sermons always leave me in the clouds of in-depth thoughts concerning my personal life as it relates to my Faith and humanity. I have also heard from great noise makers (my old self, haha) who just babble with words and ideas that sound sweet and true, but only for a moment. Speakers as such only talk for the heck of it and fail to realize that they could further develop their oratory gift by striving to talk to their audience and not at them. We have speakers who utter words and spark a revolution. Some just by sharing a sentimental event cause someone to embrace a new idea. I could go on and on about the great movements and even rights which have resulted out of speakers (leaders) who have evoked something wonderful in their community, nation, and the world by their words. Personally, I’m working towards my own Epideictic oratory goals because at the end of the day, I refuse to subtract but rather impact my society with my words. That’s all folks! 🙂


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