Selfie Sticks

“Selfie?” “Selfie?” The man screams from a few feet away. He moves in closer, until you are almost face to face. “Selfie? Good price!” Another, seemingly interchangeable man awaits you about 6 feet away, “Boom shaka laka laka laka. Selfie?” As he readies to shove the same selfie stick in your face that he witnessed you refuse from his colleague just a few moments prior. While crass, and in very poor taste, this reminded me of our study of rhetoric. These “salesman” are attempting to persuade the customer to purchase one of their selfie sticks. While noting first the factor of competition of multiple selfie stick salesman per street corner, their endeavors seem to be less than fruitful. Unlike the refined rhetoricians we have been studying in class, these man lack the eloquence and finesse to persuade. The go for a more bold, in your face, and pushy sales method, which seems to fall short the vast majority of the time.


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