Today, in our final class, we discussed the issue of plagiarism and Rebecca Moore Howard’s article. Plagiarism is an issue in classrooms all over the world. I think that this is one of the biggest problems that students and teachers face today. This is because over the years, with the ever-evolving technology, it has become even easier to plagiarize. Students are able to get anything off of the Internet and claim it as their own. A lot of the time, they will remain uncaught, as there is just too much information out there. Plagiarism is usually done in minor ways, with students just taking a small idea of someone else’s are rewording a quote to appear as their own. No matter how minor however, it is still plagiarism and is still a form of cheating. There are different software’s out there designed to catch plagiarism, such as However, as we discussed in class, these websites seldom work. They do not give an accurate representation of the amount of plagiarism in the work and therefore are not very useful for the instructor. The inability for successful software is another reason that many students are able to get away with this act. Hopefully, there will be a better system in the future, but for now the students that are caught are forced to pay the price.


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