My Most Frustrating Writing Experience

One of the prompts we were given in class today was to discuss our most frustrating writing experience. My most frustrating writing experience was most definitely this past semester in my 400-level Spanish literature course. At the beginning of the semester, the professor told our class that we would be writing an eight-page term paper about any topic we choose. Although at times I don’t like a prompt that a professor gives, it would have been much easier to have some sort of structure for this essay. Another difficult aspect of this paper was that it was a research paper. Because the class is Spanish literature, many of the sources needed to be in Spanish. We were required to have a minimum of eight sources, whether it be from an online database or novel from the library. It was very frustrating to find sources that I could utilize in my paper and it was even more frustrating to try to find sources in a language that I am not completely comfortable with. It was a very long and strenuous process to come up with a topic and to make sure that I would be able to find enough sources to use in my paper. Unfortunately, this paper was due during finals week, which added on more stress. After many hours of working and editing the paper, I was able to do well on the paper. I found it interesting to hear about everyone else’s past writing experiences. I was surprised to find out that a majority of the class did not have many frustrating writing experiences because their majors do not require many writing assignments. I am fully aware that there are many majors that focus on math and science; however, I feel as though writing is an important component of education and it was shocking to hear that so many students are not required to write papers or have writing assignments. Although writing my Spanish paper was an extremely frustrating and lengthy process, I felt very accomplished when I completed it. In the future, I will try to transfer my frustration into motivation as opposed to harping on the difficulty of the writing assignment.


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