Literacy & Intelligence

Today, class was a bit different than usual; as opposed to starting class with a discussion, we took a literacy quiz and then discussed the responses and what exactly literacy is. When the first question of the quiz was read, I was confused because the question did not relate to the readings that we were assigned. As each of the fourteen questions were read, it became apparent to me that these questions were not related to the readings and they seemed fairly random. When we were told that this was a literacy test, I was shocked. I did not know a majority of the answers to the quiz and did not understand how that could represent illiteracy. Out of the fourteen questions, I was able to confidently answer five of them. To me, this literacy test is not accurate and it is extremely difficult to assess whether or not a person is “intelligent.” Some may say that an individual needs a college degree to prove his/her intelligence. I find this to be very untrue. There are many types of intelligence, such as book smart and street smart. My dad, a business owner, has a high school diploma and attended Brooklyn College for one semester. Although my dad never received a college degree, he is extremely successful and intelligent. My dad exemplifies what it means to be “street smart”; however, he also is very “book smart,” despite his lack of college education. I do not think intelligence can be described in a single definition due to its complexity. Individuals can express his/her intelligence in different manners and therefore, there is no universal definition of intelligence.


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