Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Today in class we discussed Nicholas Carr’s article and the question of is of google making us stupid. The answer to that question is quite simply, yes. While google has been a great tool in technology and definitely comes in handy, it has become something that people rely on. “Google it” has even become its own saying. People now no longer take the time to think about things or come up with answers on their own. Why would they when there is the option of just typing anything in and immediately getting an answer? That is the way the world works now, and it is forever evolving with all the technology. It used to just be that google could be used at home, on a desktop. However, that is no longer the case. It can be used anywhere, anytime thanks to the devices such as iPhones and iPads. We are constantly surrounded by technology, no matter where we go. This is why people now use this technology for everything. So much so that people use technology while using other technology. It is rare to see someone watching television without their phone in their hand. Our world has changed into a world that is glued to the different technologies around us. With programs like google that have all the answers, this technology is slowly making us stupid.


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