In class, we had an interesting discussion on what makes someone intelligent. This is not an easy thing to decide, as the idea of intelligence is not black and white. There is not a universal definition or an idea that is agreed on by everyone in the world. Instead, the idea of intelligence is different to each person. To some people, being intelligent means being educated and having gone through many years of schooling. To others, it means being able to communicate effectively with the people around you. However, I do not think it is that simple. Some of the most intelligent people in this world are not educated, from not graduating college to not finishing high school. This could be because of personal choices or because they did not have the means to do so. Also, I do not believe it comes down to communication. Many people with different communication disorders are more intelligent than people without; they just might have a harder time explaining themselves to others. Steven Hawking’s was the example that we used in class of a very intelligent man with the inability to speak. This is why I think intelligence is a mix of different things. While being educated and having good communication skills helps intelligence, so does having life experience and knowing a large range of different things. There is a lot that goes into a person’s intelligence. Intelligence is not something that can easily be measured, or even easily defined.


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