“Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

“Is Google making us stupid?” This was the question that began today’s class discussion. In today’s society, we are constantly surrounded by electronic devices that can have us connected to the internet in a matter of seconds. I believe that Google and other internet sites are not making us “stupid” when used in moderation. Personally, I heavily use Google to work on school assignments or to get an update on current events. I believe that Google can actually contribute to our knowledge. Another point that was made in class today was the idea of multitasking. For the younger generations, multitasking consists of watching TV, checking text messages, surfing the web, etc. all at the same time. Personally, I cannot remember the last time I solely watched TV without checking my instagram, twitter, or text messages. I do experience the constant need to keep my mind busy and to receive information at a fast pace, Some of my classmates highly support listening to music while studying, This is where I draw the line regarding the discussion on multitasking. In order for me to successfully study or work on homework, I need to be in complete silence. I can get distracted very distracted while listening to music. I am the type of person that can sit in a cubicle at the library for hours on end. In certain circumstances using Google and multitasking is appropriate but I do have some boundaries.

2 thoughts on ““Is Google Making Us Stupid?”

  1. Nicole, I really enjoyed reading your response the question of whether or not Google is making us stupid. I completely agree that Google is not necessarily making us stupid and if anything, it is contributing to our knowledge base. Google is a tool that allows us to get information at a much quicker speed and therefore, allows us to be much more efficient. I also use Google for many of my homework assignments and I find a lot of valuable sources from Google when I am writing papers for my classes. Google is most beneficial for me when I am watching a television show or in the middle of a conversation and a topic comes up that I would like to learn more about. I can simply Google a phrase or keyword and immediately learn more about the topic. Although I use Google a lot, I also have boundaries. Sometimes, I will do work with the television on as background noise; however, for the most part, if I am reading a textbook or doing an assignment that requires my undivided attention, I shut off all of my appliances so I can focus. Overall, I feel as though Google is a great asset to our lives as long as it is used in moderation.

  2. I believe that google is making us both smart and stupid. The high speed of the internet makes it extremely easy for us to access new information and gain knowledge at a rapid pace. But at the same time, our fast paced world makes it seem like we have no time to consume anything but a few pieces of information at once. We feel like it would take to long to read an entire book or even an entire article. We are content with consuming only bits of information, the minimal amount we need, instead of truly delving into a topic. Technology has given us incredible opportunities to enrich ourselves with knowledge but we are not taking advantage of them.

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