Is Google Helping Us or Hindering Us?

“Is Google making us Stupid?” As soon as I heard the title of the next article we were going to be reading, I immediately answered “yes,” no doubt about it. And after reading the article, I can say again that I really do believe it definitely isn’t making us any smarter. If anything, I think Google has made me lazy or unmotivated to figure anything out on my own. For example, whenever I recognize an actress or an actor in a movie but I can’t figure out what I have seen them in before, it used to be that I would think on it for some time but eventually the answer would always come to me. Now, I don’t even give it five minutes of thought before I am pulling out my Smartphone and typing the name of the movie I am currently watching into Google and searching for the actress/actor and looking at their IMDb to see what else they have played in. This is both a godsend and curse and definitely reigns true to what Nicholas Carr said in the article about how the “mind now expects to take in information the way the Net distributes it: in a swiftly moving stream of particles.” We want everything right now and more than that we expect it and when we don’t have it—there is trouble. When I think back to our time in Siracusa, I think about how the majority of us were upset (myself included!) because the WIFI wasn’t at our disposal whenever we needed it. It really is a little scary to think how dependent we are to our phones and to technology today. Worse, the movie example from above is a perfect example of how my attention span has decreased, especially since getting a smart phone. I can never just sit still and enjoy a movie or read a book or listen to music. I have to be constantly doing multiple things at once, like a computer. This never used to be the case and I am not alone, either. Even my parents, who aren’t what Dr. McCamley referred to as “digital natives” but are more closely related to “digital immigrants” have jumped on the band wagon. My mother especially can’t seem to just sit in the chair and watch television anymore. She is constantly glued to her phone or Ipad and is constantly having to ask what she missed because of it. I can’t say for certain that is making us stupid but I definitely believe that the next generation will be much more likely to be standardized in Attention deficit disorders, which will definitely affect their learning capacities.

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