The Literacy Myth

According to Cynthia Selfe, technological literacy is all about computer skills, the ability to use computers, and to improve learning, productivity, and performance. These are all important to a person’s ability to navigate through society and use basic skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic.One of the main arguments Selfe has is about what she calls the “literacy myth”. This myth is all about how literacy does not always equal success. Many people believe that literacy is the key to being successful and powerful. This goes hand in hand with technology. However, that is not always the case. Literacy is defined as “The condition or quality of being literate, especially the ability to read and write” or “The condition or quality of being knowledgeable in a particular subject or field.” But that definition is too broad to say that you must be extremely literal to be successful. Success comes from being passionate, working hard, and being knowledgeable.

Although literacy is an important characteristic to have, it is not always the only option. Success and power can come from all different sources. Cynthia Selfe is correct – people need to be aware of the concept of the literacy myth and know that success comes from within.


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