Technology & Education

Today we talked about Google and the differences between engaging information on a surface level rather than gaining an immersed and deep style of text. I do think that the technological natives are experiencing a new way of learning that is extremely fast and almost effortless. I think we are taking in a lot more information on a bigger variety of topics because of the Internet. However, I do think, because of this, much more information is lost in a short amount of time. This is not to say that deep reading is being lost altogether. I think many students still engage in lengthy texts in addition to surface layer scanning. For me, something that has stuck with me from my high school English teacher was that education is about leading yourself out into the world. It is up to me to be an active pursuer of knowledge—both broad and in-depth—rather than passively hoping that whatever anyone says to me will stick and change me for the better. The same teacher also said that the majority of any person’s education takes place outside of the classroom, which I have come to believe is true. Students learn immense amounts from friends, role models, and cultural experiences.

-Andrew Sommers


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