Is Google Making Us Stupid Response (sava)

Today in class we discussed Nicholas Carr’s article entitled “Is Google Making Us Stupid”. Many of the points that Carr made were about how people are becoming almost addicted to the internet technology devices that they use. He claims that technology is negatively affecting our brains. The internet is a resource that can be used to find almost any piece of information and because of this easy access human beings are becoming dependent upon it. Social media websites, like Facebook and Twitter, give people the ability to connect with each other very easily. People can learn more about others than if they spent an hour with them. These websites update on a minute by minute basis and therefore Carr claims that this is acts as a distraction. Television programming is in trouble because it does not exactly have the same constant and easy access that most websites now have. I know several people who while watching a television program will also be on the internet with their smart phone device because they are addicted to the fast paced stimuli given by the constantly updating websites. It seems to be that technology is more important than physical contact with people. I know certain people are more obsessed with receiving a “like” on Facebook rather than have a full discussion. Google is making human brains skim across the surface rather than dive into the meaning of an article. Personally this article made me realize that technology can actually be a huge distraction and it does make it hard to focus on tasks at hand. I also believe if technology influence increases then the human brain will start to stop learning as much as it could with old fashioned research.


One thought on “Is Google Making Us Stupid Response (sava)

  1. I agree that while the internet has provided some major benefits, people must be very wary of the negative repercussions. I too have found many “technological natives” become obsessed with their social devices to such a degree that they become disinterested in real interaction. Many feel that they must maintain technological literacy by staying connected at all times, which for me can get as tiring as a full-time job.

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