Today in class we discussed grammar after reading Anne Curzan’s “Says Who? Teaching and Questioning the Rules of Grammar.” Curzan argues that grammar isn’t as crucial as many professors make it out to be. I agree with Curzan’s notion that grammar is not as important as long as a person can communicate effectively. I always hated it when I would turn in a paper and be graded solely on my grammar usages rather than my actual ideas. I was never formally taught grammar in my school; I merely went along with my teachers and learned grammar as I went. However, despite never formally being taught grammar, I did very well in all of my writing classes. I believe that students should learn grammar along with language instead of solely focusing on the mechanics. Grammar and language need to be learned together to ensure that students are using it effectively and still have room to but their own individual style into their writing. My beliefs agree with Curzan’s idea of the additive rather than replacement theory of grammar. People are very hesitant to change their way of speaking or writing if a grammar rule seems too out of the ordinary. Students should be taught grammar as a supplement to their pre-existing writing to ensure that they are able to keep their personal style while also learning how to communicate more effectively.


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