Communication and Texting

My father frequently says that he does not understand the idea of texting and that it is destroying communication. He says that it slows down communication, makes communication less personal, and allows us to shield ourselves from awkward conversations and that anything you would say through texting you can say and discuss quicker by calling on the phone. Although I do agree with these arguments, and definitely have called a friend before when they were taking too long to answer my text, I do not think that texting has only negative side effects. Texting gives you the ability to multitask, to be in public and want to talk to someone without everyone around you hearing the conversation, or to be in a situation where talking on the phone is not acceptable but still have a way to communicate. In addition to this, texting gives the ability to communicate more frequently, an individual does not walk around all day continuously talking on their phone but can easily respond to a text frequently and whenever one is received. Although there can be many arguments made for why communicating this frequently is a negative thing, I believe that having the means to communicate with someone regardless of the situation, is a great thing. Personally, it is very hard for me to be in a different country and to be so far away from my mother, but due to texting, I can talk to her whenever needed. If the group is out on a tour, or my mother is at work, it would be very unlikely for us to have a phone call but it is much easier and possible for us to text, which in the long run makes it much easier for me to be away and enjoy my trip. These are just a few of reasons why I believe that texting is enhancing communication, not destroying it.


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