Being constantly connected isn’t all bad

I really liked the discussion we had in class today about multitasking and the present generation of college students having short attention spans. I think this is definitely true and at times I hate the fact that I reach for my phone a lot or try to snap a picture of something before enjoying the view in person myself first. I agree that many people my age look at social media or text while they are doing other things like watching television or even in class. While this isn’t necessarily a good thing I don’t think it is entirely a bad thing either. I think being constantly connected to the point where you physically cannot be without your phone or wifi is bad but always being up on current events in the world is a good thing. Even if people get information in an informal way such as twitter or facebook we are still exchanging information that we may get sooner because we feel somewhat connected to our devices. For example the UD Alert that is used on campus is a great tool because it lets a lot of people know if there is immediate danger even if they are not by a television and even if they’re not checking social media. While I can see where people would say this is a terrible thing for the current generation I don’t think it is as bad as some people are making it out to be.


2 thoughts on “Being constantly connected isn’t all bad

  1. Neil my friend, you speak the truth. I enjoyed your insights and agree that there is good and bad that comes from the rise of social media. The example that you used of the UD alert was excellent for your argument. I think that you use enough evidence and rhetoric to take an even harder line in your argument. You could say that social media provides us with a great amount of potential good, rather than just say that is not that bad. Bravo.

  2. I also really enjoyed the class discussion about how connected our generation is to social media and technology. I agree with you that although we are obsessed with social media and constantly connected via cell phones, laptops, and tablets, it is not necessarily a bad thing. I get frustrated sometimes if I am out to dinner with a friend or spending time with someone who is constantly on his/her phone because I feel as though it is taking away from living in the moment. However, I feel as though technology is definitely a benefit in regards to exchanging information. A UD alert is a great example of an advantage of technology. It allows us to get important information immediately and therefore, definitely supports your opinion that our reliance on technology is not as bad as it seems.

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