Technology and Literacy (sava)

The reading assigned for the weekend was Cynthia Selfe’s essay entitled “Technology and Literacy: A Story about the Perils of Not Paying Attention”. I found this reading to be especially interesting because of Selfe’s stance about technological literacy. She claims that society needs to pay closer attention to the perils that can be brought on by technology and there may be severe consequences for the students of today. The current theory is that education enriched by technology will provide students with more opportunities to get better jobs in the future. One of the problems that Selfe sees with this statement is that not all of America’s students have access to this highly developed technology so there will be an unequal distribution of people left without these opportunities. Throughout the essay it seems that Selfe tries to make the point that society is so dependent on technology that it is almost essential for every school to have some form of computer system to help their students. She seems to almost blame the government for not giving sufficient funding to these schools to help their students. This is interesting because it seems aas if Selfe does not like technology but she supports it because knowledge of the subject seems to be a requirement for people today. Last semester I was enrolled in PLSC100 where the professor gave a lecture on almost the opposite point of view. Dr. Barton made the point that people are becoming too dependent on computers and technology. She gave several examples of schools that teach their students in outdoor settings in order to expose them more to nature and the physical world surrounding them. Personally, I find that there is benefit to both sides of the argument. It is true that technology is a major influence in our society’s culture and it is very necessary to have knowledge about computers for a job. The fact is, however, I am convinced that people must get out of their busy hectic day to day lives and learn more about the surrounding environment that they currently live in.


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