Teaching Technology

I really liked the discussion and reading in today’s class because I could absolutely relate to it. I think it is very important to teach technology in schools because it is becoming increasingly important in high school, college, and the work force no matter what you go into. I liked what Selfe was saying about how we can’t be scared by technology especially for teachers. Teachers need to be able to teach their students in such a way that they are prepared for the real world. The real world is beginning to use more and more technology so unless students are introduced to these things in the classroom they won’t be ready for the real world. I also liked what some people were saying about how we need to teach functional use of technology because young kids may be able to use Facebook or Twitter but can’t use Microsoft excel. So you could say that they are technologically literate but it is not functional. This spoke to me because I am going to be a teacher in the fall and I liked the reading because it gave me a lot to think about like what I would want to teach in my classroom and how I would want to introduce my students to technology. I think it’s very important to teach technology in the classroom so as to prepare students for the real world when they get a job.


2 thoughts on “Teaching Technology

  1. I liked your entry about this subject because it is interesting to hear the perspective from someone who is going to be a teacher. I agree with all the points you made here about technology in the classroom. The business world is advancing at an alarming rate and there are probably many people who do not have the skills to stay up to date. These faults are probably due to their education not incorporating technology into their curricula. Educators need to be sure that they are teaching the right technology as well. Surfing the internet for reliable sources is important, but the use of Excel or other applications is much more important for future employment. It is good to hear that you will take this into consideration when you start teaching.

  2. I agree that technology must be acknowledged and utilized properly in the classroom. Just like you, I agree with Selfe’s call for technological literacy. I think that technology has become the leading force in rhetoric today. Many underlying principles remain the same, but the style and medium have changed drastically.

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