Reading & Writing Growth

Today’s class discussion began with the quick write: “Describe the people and events that were most crucial in how you learned to read and write.” Personally, my parents played a major role in how I learned to read and write. Every night before bed and on long car rides my mom and I would read together. On summer vacations or school breaks I would have reading and writing exercises my mom would make for me at home. My parents wanted to continually reinforce my reading and writing skills. If you don’t use it, you lose it. I believe that it is crucial for reading and writing skills to be constantly reinforced, especially in younger children . It is important for children to strengthen these skills at an early age. However, as a child I was stubborn and was not the biggest fan of reading and writing. I would have gladly done my math and science homework, but when it came to reading, I did not find it enjoyable. My parents would take me to the bookstore or library on a weekly basis and allowed me to pick any book I wanted. Finally, I began to enjoy what I was reading. This enjoyment then carried into my school reading. As for writing, I can remember a crucial event where I gained confidence in my writing, resulting in me wanting to learn more and better my writing skills. In 3rd grade we were given the assignment of writing a fictional story. I created an elaborate story about how a beaver got his tail. Of course, the best story was hung up on the wall. Winning this contest allowed me to finally see that writing can be fun. I believe that the most important aspect of reading and writing is the enjoyment and pleasure it generates.


One thought on “Reading & Writing Growth

  1. I completely agree with what you are saying. I not only believe that it is important to continue to read and write and you grow up so you can retain your skills and knowledge but that it is also very important to focus on the pleasure you can get from reading and writing. I had a situation similar to yours when I was younger, I originally hated reading by my 1st grade teacher turned it into a contest and my father would give me a dollar for each book I read. From then on out I started loving reading and continue to read for pleasure today.

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