The other day in class we discussed the topic of intelligence and what makes a person intelligent. The problem with intelligence is that there is no universal definition. There are so many discrepancies between book smart versus street smart and wisdom versus knowledge. Many people also debate whether or not communication plays a role in intelligence. I believe that a person is intelligent if they have reasonable knowledge of a broad range of topics, have life experience, and can communicate effectively. In class we discussed the example of Stephen Hawking, who is an extremely knowledgeable man but is unable to speak due to ALS. I would still consider him to be an incredibly intelligent man, however his intelligence contradicts my previous beliefs. I think that I big part of intelligence is in being able to convey to others what you know and teach them as well. This is why I believe that teachers are incredibly intelligent. A teacher cares enough about the knowledge and wisdom they have gained that they have a desire to share it with others. A person who strives to learn new subjects and travels to gain experience is intelligent as far as I am concerned. There is no one correct definition of intelligence, and book knowledge can only take you so far. I believe that true intelligence is a combination of multiple definitions and comes with life experience as well as communication.


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