I thought the discussion on Bartholmae’s writing was incredibly interesting. I agree with his notion that college writing should prepare students for both the academic and professional communities. I think that English 110 is successful in preparing students for college and getting them on the same level. However, I think that English education needs to be taken further and specified more for each major. Every major does a different amount and different style of writing. Therefore, a single introductory level course that teaches the same style of writing is not sufficient to carry a student all the way through college and into the professional world. After the introductory level, each major should have additional classes that specifically prepare students for the types of writing their professions will require. Additionally, teachers at the introductory level need to encourage professionalism and additional classes rather than lead them to believe that one introductory class will be sufficient. I have had teachers that encouraged both personal expression and professional writing, and they ended up creating a perfect learning environment. My English 110 teacher had us write three papers that varied from personal essays to a final research paper. Each paper increased subsequently increased in its level of professionalism. I believe that English 110, at least with the teacher I had, prepared me well for professional writing. However, I think that as a marketing major I still need further classes to further improve my writing. I am also a journalism minor so I will be taking further writing classes regardless, but I definitely need more preparation in the field of writing for my major.


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