“Real” vs. “Fake” Majors

Are some majors considered real, while others are considered fake? In other words, are there majors that do not challenge students and are considered “fluff”. In my opinion there are not fake majors. All majors are challenging and real. The most important aspect is that the student is studying a subject they enjoy and are passionate about. Yes, there are some majors that are harder than others, but all college classes challenge their students. Real majors are considered ones that result in landing a job and achieving financial success. In my opinion, one should pursue a career in which they have interest, not just to be successful and live a comfortable life. The major should not determine ones success. Success is derived from ones willingness to work hard and exercise the skills they possess. My roommate at school began college as an engineering major. She did not have a set interest in a particular major so therefore she decided to pick a major in which she would have financial success. After the first semester she realized how miserable she was and decided to change to human services and could not be happier. This shows we should not worry about whether a major is real or fake, or even judge someone based on his or her major. Majors should be chosen on the basis of interest.


2 thoughts on ““Real” vs. “Fake” Majors

  1. I completely agree with your statement saying that there is no such thing as a fake major. Like you said, being passionate and enjoying your major is all that needs to determine that majors are real. I also love how you defined success and how you said that ones major should be chosen based on interest and what they are passionate about.

  2. Nicole, I think you really nailed your analysis of “real” and “fake” majors. Your sentence “Real majors are considered ones that result in landing a job and achieving financial success” I think is very effective. This really shows how in todays day and age the true meaning of college has emerged. The purpose of college today is to make more money in the career of your choice. The original purpose of college was to gain knowledge. By realizing the difference in these purposes we can see where people have began assigning “real and fake” to jobs and majors that seem “easier” than others. The story about your roommate shows how just because something makes money does not make it a “real” fit for the person who is studying to do that job! Great blog post, I really enjoyed reading it!

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