Good Writing

Today in class we discussed the article: Contemporary Composition: The Major Pedagogical Theories, by James A. Berlin. Berlin states how he thinks writing should be taught. The 4 approaches he discusses are the Neo-Aristotelians or Classicists, the Positivists or Current- Traditional, the Neo-Platonists or Expressionists, and the New Rhetoricians. Berlin believes the New Rhetorician approach is the most intelligent and most practical, and in the best interest of students. The New Rhetorician approach states that truth is derived from our understanding on communication. The discussion then shifted over to how we were taught writing. For me, writing was always structured. I had set instructions and requirements with very little leeway for creativity. I believe that the strict structure and requirements of writing contributes to the reason why I am not the biggest fan. I feel as though I would enjoy writing more if I could write about a topic I was passionate about. Lastly, we discussed what are the key features of good writing. I believe that good writing is coherent and interesting. Berlin states in his article: “To teach writing is to argue for a version of reality, and the best way of knowing and communicating it.” Writing is a form of expression. If one is able to get their point across and know how to communicate to their audience, while portraying their passion/emotion regarding the topic, the writing will be good.


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