Writing Through the Years

Our class discussion today started with talking about a reading we did on Berlin. The reading was about how Berlin believes that writing is all about writer, reality, reader, and language. He says that teaching writing is teaching a form of reality.

As a class we then discussed how we learned writing from Kindergarten through the present. Going to school at a college preparatory private school, from a young age I was taught how to write persuasive essays, personal essays, research papers, and many other types of writing. There was always a basic form. The all needed to have an introduction paragraph and a conclusion. The introduction needed to have a thesis of some sort and the body of the paper had to back-up the thesis. Then, the conclusion needed to restate the thesis and sum up the main points one last time. For several years, this is how I wrote every single paper. Now, in college, the concept of writing a paper has changed. There is more freedom. It is more important to have a voice and a specific writing style. But, it is still important to have all of the correct grammar and some sort of structure.

All of the concepts that Berlin discusses applies to writing, not just one of them. All writing needs many different aspects to make it a concise, grammatically correct, well-written piece of writing.


One thought on “Writing Through the Years

  1. Although we may not see it as it is happening, everything that we have learned in school throughout the years has shaped the writers that we have become today. In high school, I also for the most part had the same guidelines as you and every paper was written in practically the same manner. With the exception of one or two teachers, all of my high school writing was very similar. I agree that in college there is more freedom when we get to write. Not only is it important for us to a a voice and a writing style, it is important to write geared towards a specific audience. I completely agree that there are many aspects that come together in order to make a well written piece of literature and personal essays.

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