“Real” vs. “Fake Majors”

Today in class we discussed the concept of if college majors can be “real” or “fake”. Everyone had very differing opinions about this as well as what makes an individual major more real than the others and if certain majors are harder or easier than others. I do not think that any major is more real than others or that any major is harder than others. Although some majors might require more work or have more of an application in the real world, they are all college majors and all have students who not only are very interested in them, but also spend the time and effort to take classes, do work, and learn the material. In addition to this, if a major is offered at a school there are clearly students, and faculty members who not only find the area and major interesting but also think that it is a subject and classes worthy of teaching and most likely career worthy. I believe that this makes all majors real because they would not be offered, taught, or taken by students if they were not. Because of this, I feel like all majors are on an equal level and the most important factor behind choosing a major is deciding what makes the individual happy and how the individual will use the information and skills taught in the major to succeed in life.


One thought on ““Real” vs. “Fake Majors”

  1. I completely agree with you. Majors should not be considered “real” just because it might lead to more success after college. We are all trying to get the most we can out of our education and are all working hard. I believe that every one should choose a major based on interest, not solely based on what is seen as “challenging”. Happiness should always come first!

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