2nd blog post

We’ve passed the mid way point of the class and I have learned more about rhetoric than I had anticipated. I am enjoying how open the classroom discussions have been because I feel comfortable talking about all the different topics we cover. I also liked how the readings are set up because we learned about some things happening in Sicily when we were there and now that we are in Rome we are learning about some Roman history. I liked how we talked about things you can and can’t take from certain facts. I agreed with prof when he said that people say the facts speak for themselves too much because often times they don’t. I feel like people use facts in an argument because they can’t articulate a persuasive point by themselves and are relying on outside sources. Also I think many times facts are taken out of context and used as a main point in an argument. Class is interesting and I like when we kind of go off in a different direction because it is interesting to hear the different view points people have in the class. I can’t believe we are already on the downhill of the whole trip so far. It seems like we just got started, the time really flew by. I think we’ve all learned a lot and gotten closer in a very short period of time.