I Probably Talk Too Much

So far, this class has been unlike any other that I have taken in college. I had some similar English courses in high school in which we had a few discussions, but in general I never was able to have such open-ended talks about pretty much anything. Being an Economics major means that my class time usually consists of theories, policies, and the flow of the economy, which leaves little room for such talks. I really enjoy how we bounce from topic to topic while keeping it all tied back to rhetoric and its uses/history. Given the title of this post, one can assume that I’m a little bit of a motormouth (I think I went on a 2-minute long rant yesterday about hip-hop without taking a single breath). I consider myself a very opinionated person, so being able to vocalize my personal beliefs along with thoughtful discussion is a real pleasure.

As far as the actual subject matter discussed in class, I find a sort of nostalgia in discussing rhetoric, as I had done quite a bit before. Learning about Plato and the Sophists has been very interesting, especially because we get to discuss actual terminology and concepts used by the aforementioned people. I have yet to truly delve into the concepts that stem back to the first rhetoricians, and given my interest in the subject I have found a lot of interesting things to consider in only the first couple of classes. Taking the concepts we discussed and comparing them to modern scenarios (along with a few anecdotes) is a great way to learn, and I can definitely see how rhetoric affects our everyday lives, thoughts, and actions. Overall, it has been a fruitful endeavor so far. Can’t wait for more!


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