Epideitic Oratory: Praise & Blame

Epideitic oratory’s purpose is to demonstrate what is honorable by praising worthy attributes, while detracting from immoral practices. One such example is a funeral speech commemorating a person’s life and all of the good that they have accomplished. Speakers praise a person’s bravery, generosity, selflessness, and other virtuous qualities, which invokes in us a sense of right and wrong and how we might better ourselves and live honorably.

An example of epideitic oratory that I used was of a person (such as myself) creating political commentary regarding politicians and the qualities which define both the noble and the corrupt. In such an example I spoke of how a politician is an agent of the government designed to carry out the will of the people and to represent their best interests while keeping the well-being of the nation at heart.

A true politician is not an embodiment of their own personal agenda and ideals. A true politician is humanitarian, thoughtful, receptive, and determined not just to fight for progressive change, but to fight for equality and establish what it means to be a model citizen. It is far too easy for us to sit back and let greedy and decadent self-proclaimed saviors affect our lives in a plethora of ways, so we must voice our opinions and use our rights as democratic, free citizens to produce favorable results. Never will the final decisions of a policy make everyone happy, nor will a single person be able to elevate the system beyond scrutiny, so it is up to us, the people, to charge these politicians with the duty of righteous justice. Our country is a thinking, feeling, living, breathing manifestation of the human condition, and we must treat it with the respect it deserves and strive to move towards positive change and cultural significance.


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