Enjoying rhetoric so far

I didn’t know exactly what to expect coming into this class because I have never taken a rhetoric class before. I thought it was going to take away from the trip somewhat but I am actually really enjoying the class thus far. I really enjoyed learning about the sophists in the first couple chapters because it was somewhat related to where we are in Italy right now and they kind of changed the culture of ancient Greece. Because they put an increased emphasis on rhetoric and how you present your case people now had the ability to move up in society. Before this time in Greek society people could only be in the political circles if they were rich or from a good family but now people could use persuasion and rhetoric in the political arena to advance themselves. I thought this was interesting because this wasn’t just some movement that died out quickly. This idea is what America is supposed to be all about and we are living thousands of years after these sophists lived. I am really enjoying class itself because it is so open ended and people can feel free to steer the conversation any way they want.


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