Class 1/14/15

Today in class we had a long and thought provoking discussion about if there are “real” and “fake” majors in college or if there are only “real” majors.

The purpose of a major is to focus on a specific field that you are interested in and to learn as much about it as possible. Some people are often criticized for having a major that is considered to be easy or “fake”. But, most of the time, the people that are calling in those things are people that do not understand enough about the major and what is involved with it. I often hear that being a Fashion Merchandising major is easy and not a big deal. But, if you are not in the major, you cannot accurately tell what it is like or how difficult the classes are.

It is all based of perception. Everything is different for everyone. A student in a math or science based major might think that English or history classes are easy and a student in one of those majors might feel completely different. Everybody sees things differently.

Nobody can determine the realness of a major based on his or her perception of it and what it entails. Everyone is in school, with a major, trying to learn. That in itself makes it all very real.


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