Class 1/14/15

I was really interested in our conversation about “real” majors and “fake majors. This idea is something that I have thought about before. As I shared in class, I didn’t have the greatest experience taking a class related to a major that wasn’t my own. I didn’t have a clear understanding of the purpose of that major, and taking this class did not solidify the existence of that major to me. In the end, whether one believes that a major is “real” or “not” is all subjective. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion, and it is important to note that. I think that all college students work hard to earn their degree, no matter what their field of study is. The fact that I don’t understand it or see the validity of it does not make it any more real or fake than another major. The concept of what is real or right can be seen in the readings that we are doing too. For example, rhetoric can be defined in different situations. The textbook explores rhetoric in teaching, music and acting amongst other examples. If one person doesn’t understand how rhetoric can be applied in one situation, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. In addition, each person has their own definitions for words such as “real” and “fake” just how ancient rhetors had their own definition of what rhetoric was. How we define words that can shape our views and opinions lay the foundation for who we are and what we say.


One thought on “Class 1/14/15

  1. I agree with what Brett was saying that whether people think a major is real or fake is very subjective. Majors are definitely hard in different ways and they all challenge different parts of the brain. They all have different requirements so one person may think it is very hard but others may not. I get a lot of flack for being and English major but a lot of people think writing essays is really hard and I can usually bang out an essay in a few hours if I put my mind to it. Each major has its own difficulties so I don’t think any major should be considered any more “real” or “fake” than any other one.

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