A New Class; A New Country

Class Blog Entry #1 (01/12/15)

It seemed so long ago when I finally confirmed that I was going to Italy and now that I am finally here in Syracuse it seems too good to be true. After an exhausting and very long day of travel the group finally arrived at the hotel. Weary from the thousands of miles we traversed, I was very pleased to be greeted with Italian hospitality with a bountiful and delicious pasta meal, sweet wine, and even an invitation to the bar for after. Something that I am definitely not used to back in the United States.

The next day, after emerging from the fatigue of traveling, the group took an far-reaching walk throughout the city. Once we were back at the hotel we began class. We engaged in a very thought provoking discussion about the basis of rhetoric and its presence in modern society. How companies use this technique to persuade people to either buy their product or support their cause is an example. Certain companies use different methods of rhetoric, like how the ASPCA uses themes of shock and guilt to persuade people to endorse their brand. I feel that this may not be the best method to use personally. Though I agree with their message, I have found using a method of professionally stating facts and their added benefits is a much more effective form of persuasion. It will not scare the audience and still explain reasoning. Also we discussed how rhetoric may not be considered as important in certain sectors of the United States  as to others. Even in history Plato was not considered a supporter of its methods. Finally, the most influential discussion was about how to use rhetoric properly and taking the audience into consideration. This is something I am used to with my own presentations. Whether it was a panel of experienced engineers or students each presentation needs to conform to ether a specific group or apply to everyone to be persuasive. Same can be said about interviews too, for I need to focus on different points for certain people, whether they are associated with HR or with technical aspects. In any sense, rhetoric is essential in making an idea known to anyone for any reason.



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