The Power of Youtube

So about 3 months ago, I brought home 2 adult lovebirds because I am fascinated by birds.  I didn’t realize I had purchased a male and a female lovebird until I came home to 4 eggs one evening! After about a month, the eggs hatched into little pink blobs.  I let the parent birds take care of the babies for about 3 weeks until the mother tried to kill two of them.  I realized that one of the baby birds is an albino, which caused her to attack it because it’s different from the others.  An albino bird is fairly rare so I’m guessing the mother didn’t know what to do with it.  I ended up going to the pet store and buying a whole new cage and supplies for the babies so that I can separate them form the parents.  I’ve never raised baby birds so I was a completely lost as to how to raise them but I really wanted to do everything I can to make sure they live.  I was not about to leave them with the mother, who was trying to destroy the poor things! I did hours and hours of research and watching youtube videos and decided that I can definitely raise the birds on my own.  So, it’s been about two weeks of hand feeding them, waking up every 3 hours to feed them at night, and cleaning lots of bird poop.  They are fat, healthy, and growing bigger everyday! I’ve grown attached to them and the way they get super excited when I come home.  It’s nice to say that I was able to raise 4 baby lovebirds! Thank God for the internet and youtube because I wouldn’t have been able to learn this new skill without it!



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