The Importance Of Literacy

While writing my essay on one of my papers titled, The Importance of Literacy, I realized why it’s one of my favorite essays. It’s the most personal essay out of all the ones included in my portfolio. I came from a country where i’ve seen the good and the bad side of the importance of literacy.  Growing up, i’ve seen my brother, my father, my uncles, and other males in the family criticized for not being able to read or write.  They were told they weren’t valuable to society if they weren’t educated.  Yet on it was the opposite for women in my family.  I am constantly reminded by my grandmother and mother that I will never be chosen by a suitor now, for an arranged marriage, because I am, “too educated.” My female cousins all have to endure the same treatment from their families.  Of course, we just roll our eyes because those statements are absolutely ridiculous to us. The point is that I cannot make up my mind about whether literacy is needed to succeed because even through all that, I’ve seen my father and uncles become successful men and overcome their inability to read and write. At the same time, because of all the negativity towards educated women, I’ve seen many women in my family lose great opportunities because they chose to skip education.  So I wonder, is literacy really necessary to be successful in life? My essay on the topic is far from perfect because I could not make up my mind on where I stand on the importance of literacy.  I have so many arguments going through my head about it that I cannot make a clear stand for it. 



One thought on “The Importance Of Literacy

  1. Wow…that’s deep. I think literacy makes such a huge impact because of the way society is structured around it. Do you think it’s possible to create an environment where literacy could become a burden?

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