Technology In the Classroom

At one point in our class, we discussed technology and how it has an impact on learning.  I honestly think that we can take advantage of all the technology available and improve the methods of teaching students.  Instead of fighting technology, why can’t we embrace it and find ways to incorporate it into the learning process.  I had a course this semester in which my professor had us do all our chemistry on our computers.  We were in the classroom creating 3D structures using applications on our computers.  I never even knew some of these resources existed.  I was able to save so much time and effort using some of these applications.  I was able to illustrate my science papers so much better then just using words and graphs.  It was a learning experience for me and I realized that technology can really help improve the quality of education.  Until recently i’ve always viewed it as a negative impact on learning.  Lectures are very boring compared to all the technology and entertainment we have available to us now.  Sitting in a lecture is just not enough to help students learn anymore.  I believe new methods of teaching really need to be incorporated into the classroom.  Technology is going to be brought into the classroom through cell phones and laptops anyway so why not use it to teach students instead? 


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