Rhetoric of Rang

So I would like whoever is reading this to have a black and white film noir kind of voice in mind. It’s all just for fun because of the last day of class. Hope you enjoy! =D

No one could have told you what was going to happen that day. Students stuck in a classroom with expectations of working were held captive by the rhetoric of the youngest in the room. Too young, in fact, to know the power they held over the room. His name? Ringo. With the movement of a paw, a wave of awe could be heard. He was just one puppy. Simple and with no expectations of the world. Food, playtime, or even a nap. His only aspirations in life. And yet, one day he would become the core of someone else’s world. His life, already on the path of training so that one day he can be the eyes and ears of a person in need. Already his level of communication is staggering! Without words he let’s the class of enraptured students know that he does not, indeed, prefer to wear a leash. The message couldn’t be more clear when he continuously chews on it. He may be distracted by treats, but only for so long. His goals are clear. Make friends with the people who so kindly give him all their attention. But alas! The dastardly leash still holds him back. All he can do is cry. Maybe someone will choose to play with him? He looks to the strangers with eyes full of sadness, but with the cry of hope. Will they set him free? In time, it is clear that he is on his own. But this is Ringo. He does not lose hope. Instead, a nap is all that is needed. He recuperates his limited supply of puppy energy so that he can begin again when the time is right.


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