Reading Rainbow!

looking back at all the things that have influenced my writing, I had to talk about reading just a bit. I will never forget the Reading Rainbow show from my childhood. I’m pretty sure the intro song will be forever ingrained into my memory. But mostly I loved how the show would read a book and show interesting things. I always felt smart watching it or that I was a bit more like an adult because it didn’t always have cartoons. Now to feel smart, I just watch a documentary or look at recent news. I still know not to judge a book by it’s cover and that anything is possible in a book. All thanks to educational childhood programming. 😉


One thought on “Reading Rainbow!

  1. I absolutely LOVED Reading Rainbow when I was younger. Another show that really developed my love for and comfort with reading was Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. I think the fact that he read books and talked right to the audience really engaged the children watching. It’s pretty funny when you think about it– there’s so much push back against technology, especially TV, because of the idea that it discourages reading, kills brain cells, etc. But children’s programming, especially when we were younger, is so celebrated for its quality, for the life lessons it taught, for the attitudes it cultivated in children.

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