Planning for New Beginnings at the Beginning of the End

Over the past year, I’ve been really struggling to figure out what I want to do.  Many of my friends are already accepted to grad school or have been offered jobs; every time someone asks me what I plan to do next year, I always cringe internally and respond, “That is a GREAT question…” and then hope we can just laugh and talk about something else instead.  So many of my classmates and friends have, over the past 4 years, discovered their guiding passion– from speech pathology to music education to pediatric physical therapy and everything in between.

Me?  I love people.  I love meeting them and speaking with them, learning about them, listening to them, and helping them solve their problems.  I also love words.  Learning them, analyzing them, writing them, manipulating them.  I especially love reading them.  So while everyone around me pursues specific, oftentimes lucrative goals, I try to find some way to make a living off of people and words. The challenge is in the wealth of opportunity afforded by those two things.  Do I try teaching?  How about publishing?  But what about journalism and new media?  What about non-profit work?  Or public relations?  I mean, hey, why not just drop everything and run for office?  The pressure of the decisions that await as my final semester at UD looms in front of me is daunting.  While I’m scared, I’m also incredibly, incredibly excited.  Both people and words open up the possibility of endless adventures.  I can’t wait to get started.

– Mary Kate


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