My Introductory Essay

So for me the introductory essay was the easiest part of my portfolio.  I knew exactly what my weak areas are when it comes to writing.  I absolutely suck at organizing my thoughts.  I am good at it to a point but then I just lose it and ramble on, which is why I am not very good at long essays.  I can write a very organized short essay so I had no problem writing the project essays in the portfolios.  I feel that they were better then my actual essays.  When I am writing a long essay, I have just enough focus and information to write an amazing intro and body but when it comes to the final half of the essay, I start filling it with random thoughts.  In a lot of my papers, I ended up getting discussing many different topics rather then just sticking to one.  I don’t even realize when I do it though so I definitely need to figure out a way to work on that.  I’ve found that rough drafts work very well for me because then my peers are able to let me know when I start rambling in my essay.  Once it is pointed out to be, I am able to go back and focus.  One of my professors taught me how to create concept maps for my essays ahead of time so I know exactly what I will be discussing in the paper.  I find that helps me big time because I can always refer to it when I start to over think on my topic.  My last go to plan is to take a break.  If I try to write a paper in one go, I will end up rambling but if I take a break then I come back focused.  So, I have found ways to overcome it but sometimes it’s still difficult for me to keep a paper organized.


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