My Experience with This Class

Now that the semester is over, I can truly say that I will miss this class the most.  I have never had a course like this, where I was able to spend so much time interacting with my classmates.  It was  definitely a class I looked forward to attending every week.  It wasn’t one of those classes that I dreaded waking up early for or doing homework for.  I enjoyed writing all my papers and I was always fascinated by all the discussions we had.  At first I was a bit nervous when we were told that majority of the course will require us to express our thoughts. I became very comfortable and open minded after a while and I didn’t feel like I was being judged or criticized in a negative way.  I not only learned to write better but I learned what kind of write I am.  When it comes to writing, I’ve always tried to improve my grammer or punctuation but never really focused on what kind of writer I am.  I learned that I need to work on organizing my thoughts better, which is something I wasn’t really aware of until I took this course.  It’s a discovery that will truly change the way I write from now on because I can work on strategies to overcome it.  I also have to agree with Professor McCamley that my classmates are some of the most talented writers I have come across.  I never realized that there could be so much creativity when it comes to writing until I had the opportunity to discuss topics with people in this course.  So, I hope that other students get to experience a course like this at least once during their college life because it really would help them discover a little bit more about themselves as writers.  



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