My awareness of grammar

Grammar is very vague in my education. I don’t remember specific lessons on it except for maybe one or two lessons in second grade. School House Rock is the one thing I still reference today that taught me most of what I know about grammar. I tend to try to write with proper grammar in my papers. Most of my corrections with grammar come from when I am writing in Microsoft Word. My biggest problem with grammar was writing papers in college without stating “I”. Now I understand that was mostly a preference of academic standards. It’s not really a big problem. I also tend to follow the three comma standard when including specific items in a sentence. For example. I make sandwiches with bread, peanut butter, and jelly. I had a teacher that hated the comma before and, but I can’t write that kind of sentence without it. Sometimes leaving the comma out can change the meaning of the sentence.tumblr_inline_mkqsy0g8pH1qz4rgp

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