What to Do Now

My portfolio was the last thing I had to hand in for the semester. Now that I’m done, the question is “What to do now?”. Will I continue my study on the subject of rhetoric or will stumble into a pit of laziness? Only time will tell. The one thing I am looking forward to during break is watching the Eagles finish out their season. I have been a huge Eagles fan since I was 5 years old and this season has been a pleasant surprise. The birds (what the cool kids call the Eagles) are a very young team and have really surprised the league with their first year head coach Chip Kelly. Perhaps I can hone my rhetorical chops over break by trying to convince everyone that the Eagles are the best team in the NFL (second year quarter back Nick Foles leads the league with the highest passer rating, Lesean McCoy leads the league in rushing yards, Desean Jackson is in the top 10 in receiving yards, the Eagles “bend but don’t break” defense hasn’t allowed an opponent to score more than 21 points in the last 8 weeks, and the birds are currently in first place in their division, and long to be headed towards the playoffs), but then again everyone already knows that.

Suck it Cowboys!


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