Stay Motivated !

      This semester I have written so many essays. I think I’ve lost count. Sometimes essay writing can become tiring, so today I decided to write a blog post on ways to stay motivated while writing. The obvious way is that if you don’t finish the paper, you will get a zero for not turning it in. I have a couple strategies I use to motivate myself when I have a bunch of different papers to write. This might sound silly, but I find that if I wake up really early in the morning and start writing a paper I get more work done. My mind is fresh and there are no real distractions around preventing me from writing. I also recommend not writing papers at late hours during the night. A sleep deprived brain loses motivation easily. Personally when I write papers late at night, I become less focused on doing a good job and start to focus on just finishing. I end up writing a mediocre paper when capable of writing a better one. Another way to stay motivated, when writing the many essays a semester asks for, is to having a writing accountability partner. This can be someone in the class with the same assignment, who can remind you to start the paper early. This can also be someone to keep you company if procrastination strikes the both of you and an all-nighter has to happen. My last word of advice is go to the writing center. I actually wrote my entire research paper on the benefits of writing centers. The writing center will help organize thoughts and build writing confidence which will make tackling essay assignments easier. Hopefully everyone is done with exams and has no more essays to write. If not remember , stay motivated !

– Celine


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