Finishing up my portfolio I’ve realized how hard it is to judge your own work after haven just recently completed it. Once you complete an essay you usually feel pretty good about yourself, you’ve gotten it out of the way and feel you’ve done a very good job. However, it is not until you have become removed from the essay that you can truly judge your own work in a realistic way. After going  back to revise one of my response paper, which I hadn’t seen in a month or two, I almost didn’t even recognize what I had written. “Did I really say that?”, “Now I see what the professor was saying”. When you become removed from your own writing it is like it almost becomes someone else writing and you can more accurately judge it. Sometimes you need to take a break from what you are writing and come back later so that you can accurately judge it.

This is perhaps why the revision process is so important. The longer you take to revise your work the more you remove yourself from the original draft and are better able to see the flaws in your writing and ultimately make you paper that much stronger. Perhaps this is also way it is so helpful to receive feed back from friends as they are removed from the work completely. The process of revision is important because nobody gets it right on the first try.


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