“Madagascar village ‘hit by Bubonic plague'”

So I’m going to say that you read that title one more time.  Got it?  Alright now let out the “What the hell is going on ?” that I  did after reading this.

So this past week, at least 20 people in Madagascar have died from the Bubonic Plague. And yes that is the same Black Plague that killed over 1/4 of the European population over half a millennium ago.  And when I read this title, I was absolutely shocked.  How could it be that over half a millennium ago we, as a human race, figured out how to solve a problem, solved it, and now over 600 years later, people are still dying from it!  That just makes no sense to me.  Now, if you are a science person and want to tell me I’m wrong, I am more than fine with that, actually would love that because my faith in humanity is slowly dwindling, but from my perspective this is the same as doing the following:

“Hey Joe, I think I’m going to jump off that cliff!”

“Ok Kenny!”

Joe dies.  Kenny doesn’t jump.  Why you may ask?  Because he saw Kenny die and realizes that he were to jump, he would die as well.

Then 10 years later, Kenny jumps off the cliff and dies, because the cliff magically transformed properties and now will not kill you if you jump.

See my point?  I am saying that 600 years ago a 1/4 of the European population was killed, and the entire world then learned that it was because of a lack of hygiene, in my example from jumping off the cliff.  So, in the year 2013 would Joe decide to jump off the cliff?  Probably not right?  Then why the heck is Madagascar jumping off the cliff???  Are they that stupid, or is there a problem here that I am not seeing?  If I really out of line and wrong here, please let me know because I do not want to believe this is true.  But, from my point of view, Madagascar may be a poor country, but hygiene is just so basic.  They have access to water because the country is an island, so what is going on??

Please, someone with a science background, explain how this could happen.


Article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-africa-25324011


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