Tooth Fairy Rhetoric

Attached is a picture of a letter my brother wrote to the tooth fairy. Let’s see how his rhetorical elements are according to ethos, pathos, and logos. He starts his work with clear motivation, when the reader sees it she knows exactly what is trying to be accomplished. This kid needs more money. He attempts bargaining with his sweet tooth, but he is loosing ethos with that one, I can say for a fact that this eight year old is no dentist and it hasn’t seemed as if he likes sweets any less since loosing it. So although he tries, that tool is not working. He lost his credibility. He also needs some more logos for the audience to go along with his scheme. I understand that he wants more money but why? There is a clear argument but not a strongly supported one. His strongest rhetorical device is pathos. He starts by trying to get some sympathy from the tooth fairy. He thinks that if she feels sorry about how he needs more money that she will raise her going rate. Then he hits her with a present. He is working pathos hard on this argument. How can you say no to a poor child who gave you a gift? Plus he writes, “your friend” it sounds like the two of them are on a first name bases with that kind of closing, he is trying hard to appeal to her emotions.

Unfortunately for poor Colin, his rhetorical argument was not strong enough. Despite the effort he got the usual rate of $1. It turned out the tooth fairy liked his letter so much that she showed our parents. With a bit more practice and revisions he might just persuade the tooth fairy. Until then, Colin has a dollar and a framed letter hanging on his wall.

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