The Perils of Being a Father

I feel like I’m a dad now.  Ringo, while wonderful, has totally turned my scheduled life upside down.  He tells me when I want to wake up, and he tells me when I want to play with him.  I have to guess when he has to “use the bathroom,” and I have to guess when he is calm so I can use the bathroom.   As I write this, he is asleep.  Anything I want to do now, I must do while he is asleep.  At the same time, I relish the challenge and the companionship he provides.  He has given me a new outlook on life because everything to him is new and exciting.  I am able to sympathize with his worldview and I try to help him experience all these things he finds fascinating.  Above all, he has taught me patience.  It may take me four or five times longer to walk somewhere with him than it would by myself, but I can appreciate that he is trying and he is able to go farther and do a little more each day.  He battles fewer leaves blowing in the wind and fewer smells with each passing dawn, and he continues to get better at sleeping in his crate.  I’m excited to see what next semester brings for us, and I’m jealous that he receives a free university-level education.  It would be nice if he split the costs with me.

Thank you all for a great class year.  I enjoyed our discussions!


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