My Own Worst Critic

While writing up the reflective essays for my portfolio, it occurred to me that I was pointing out more of my flaws than my strengths, to the point where it almost seemed like I was saying I had written a terrible essay. My friends had told me one time that I always accentuated the negative too much, but I can never really think of a way to go into detail about any strengths. My line of thinking is that there really isn’t much to comment about with the strengths, since I, at the very minimum, met the requirements and did what I was asked to; I can’t really develop much ideas when I did what was supposed to be done. On the other hand, this might be a good thing. I’m not saying to always accentuate the negatives, but it does allow one to recognize their flaws, something that a significant portion of people cannot do. Then again, sometimes it does feel redundant whenever someone points out a flaw I’m quite aware of. However, it does keep my ego in check, which is something I really can’t complain about. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that sometimes I feel recognizing my own faults is sometimes a good thing, and other times a bad thing since, for me, at least, it’s then difficult to focus on your strengths, and I accentuate the negative a bit too much for my own tastes.


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