Sports and Reactions

Earlier today, my suite-mates, myself, and one or two other people all decided to watch the World Cup draw to see who the USA would be grouped with and subsequently play in the tournament over the summer. When we realized that the US was drawn into the most difficult group – “the Group of Death” – our reactions, to put it very politely, were quite loud indeed. After a few minutes, it didn’t take me long to realize that we were freaking out over nothing; nobody wants to see a team they support lose, but it’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything. This made me realize in general, we often get worked up over things that we probably shouldn’t. I have had friends in high school get mad at me over not giving out my phone number, and I never understood why, since they had talked me into getting a Facebook – something they could use to contact me just as easily – so I always wondered why they would get upset over a minor thing when I was already available to contact. We have all these things to distract us, especially in this day and age, but that’s all they are – distractions. So, next time something happens in, for example, a TV show or movie that is not to your taste, just take a deep breath and relax; in the big picture, it’s not all that important, and tomorrow is another day.


One thought on “Sports and Reactions

  1. I completely agree with you. This topic is especially present during finals week. I am sitting next to a girl who is currently asleep and drooling on her computer. I don’t know the last time she has seen her bed because she has locked herself into a frenzy of fear of failing. What is the point of destroying yourself over one grade? In ten years is anyone really going to remember the grade they received on their final. I would assume not. This is just one more test added to the hundreds we have taken through our schooling we need to find the balance to do the best we can but not work ourselves hard enough to fall asleep on the f key of our computer.

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