Unintentionally Good

Some people may remember my Concept in 60 video, and how some people commented on how the lack of sound was quite effective. Everyone may also remember how my big mouth got the better of me and I blurted out that that was not my original intention. I was also not completely satisfied with my final result, as I felt that the video had a kind of “cobble together” feel and could have used more pictures. On the other hand, looking back, the video probably would not have been as effective if I had put in sound.

Often good things happen completely by accident, and it happens often enough that the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction” comes to mind. The music in 2001: A Space Odyssey was originally used as a place-holder, but Stanley Kubrick liked it enough that it was kept in the final product. The first Lord of the Rings film also provides us with several cases; for example, towards the end of the film where Viggo Mortensen’s and Lawrence Makaore’s characters get into a climatic fight, they are actually fighting for real, and Mortensen really did deflect a dagger thrown at his face purely by instinct. This was a result of Makaore wearing so much make-up that he could not accurately judge where Mortensen was, so ended up actually punching and throwing a knife at him. I digress; the point is that sometimes, doing something by accident can be far better than doing something that had been planned.


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